Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The UK Government is killing its citizens

I was watching a documentary on the Vietnam War which sent me right back to the 1970's and student Anti-War demonstrations, I remember watching live television of the student demonstration in London's Grosvner Square, outside the USA Embassy which went from peaceful to a battle as the US Government of Nixon put pressure on the UK Government to stop the demonstration and an ill prepared Met Police Riot Squad lost the battle, only making the situation far worse. The protest was not simply against the Vietnam War but the series of killings of US students on their campus at Kent University Ohio and in Jacksonville, while peacefully protesting, by the US National Guard. It was the beginning of the end for Nixon, soon to be swallowed whole by the Watergate Scandal and impeached.

This brings me to today and what is happening across the UK on a daily basis, the deliberate action and policy of the current UK Government which is killing UK citizens just as definitively as the US National Guard's bullets did in 1970.

Where is the sense of disgust at the inhumanity of the current government, the outcry in the media, the weak and feeble Labour opposition to this modern day form of eugenics which denies the poor, sick and disabled support they need to simply to live on a day to day basis?

We know the change from the old disablement benefit to the ESA system has killed over 6,000 UK citizens according to the DWP's own fudged figures, a statement which leaves you pondering by what factor do you actually have to multiply the DWP figures to get near the real figure.

We are becoming aware of the disaster to families of the change from the previous benefit system to Universal Credit is having in terms of homelessness, starvation and keeping warm. This government is denying UK citizens the basic survival need of a roof over their heads, food and warmth and has been roundly condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission for this failure. The evidence is mounting, this policy is driving people to take their own lives, as they can not face the humiliation of the detrimental effects of UK Government policy - back door eugenics.

I look in vain for condemnatory motions being raised by the main party of opposition, Labour. SNP MPs are loud and vociferous in their condemnation of the destruction of the UK's formerly world renowned welfare and health care. Yet from the opposition benches around them there is silence, possibly embarrassed, as Labour's hand sitting, during vital votes over the last ten years, has enabled the dismemberment of the health and welfare state, especially in England, they claim to believe in and promote as Labour's big contribution to the UK State.

What I can not understand, is why are there so few ordinary people who are angry that their government is killing its own citizens?

Disabled and mentally impaired special interest groups are trying to get people to listen to the disaster which is ESA and Universal credit yet their appeals to stir their fellow citizens to action fall upon deaf ears or responding mouths that employ meaningless platitudes which achieve nothing.

I have a simple appeal and it is this, write to your MP, MSP or Assembly Member and ask them:

What are you doing to stop the killing and unnecessary deaths of UK Citizens caused by the UK government welfare and health policy?

Or are you happy for the UK Government to continue with its back door eugenics policy and take out their next target, your elderly parents who cost the state "too much"?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Minging Main Stream Media - talking mince at every turn

The UK, as a political and economic entity, is on the brink of a self-destructive, mass suicide and yet the only political party which is seeking a solution to the current EU \ UK impasse and presenting alternative suggestions to reduce the impact of the Tories stupidity is the much decried, separatist SNP.

You have to think just how screwed up the UK media is when it seeks to claim Scotland's biggest members funded party, by a long chalk, has 'peaked', is 'running out of steam', is 'failing the people of Scotland' or 'giving up on independence'.

They seemed to have been watching or reading about a very different SNP Conference to the one I have seen and heard. Labour's 'Scotch' branch struggled to fill the front few rows of the Caird Hall yet did the self same press comment on the end of 'Scotch Labour'?

Ruth's Tories are back in third place in Westminster voting intentions where are the Herald's column inches regarding the wheels coming off the Tory waggon in Scotland?

As for the Libdems in Scotland, well, they are still exploring uncharted political depth's of crass stupidity that deny any realistic comment beyond sympathy at their passing. A party I was once active in, a party which once believed in the need to decentralise power, subsidiarity, and a fair balance between the needs of the economy and the people. A party who, in the past, introduced the basic state pension and whose greatest thinker of the first half of the 20th Century, Beveridge, came up with the 1944 White Paper which Labour based their welfare, health and social reforms of 1945 wholly upon. A far cry, indeed, from the current witterings of Willie Rennie and his ilk. An example of just how far the Libdems have lost the place and their balance between Corporate greed and the people.

Mahri Black called out the BBC bias over Marr's show at the weekend, the STV suggestion that the SNP no longer had the stomach for independence fell at the First Minister's hands. For a party that has apparently run out of steam there was a stream of key policy announcements including the setting up of a national energy company and changes to future Scotrail contract bids to allow Scottish publicly owned bodies to bid for the contract. Just two of many policies being pursued that reflect the needs and expectations of the SNP membership and the Scottish people.

On the issue of paid regional organisers the same mininging media tried to make it out as a defeat for the SNP leadership, forgetting that the SNP operates from the bottom up, the folk who pound the streets on behalf of the SNP see the need for paid organisers and it is a logical step given the work load volunteers have had to field over the last four years. A logical and necessary change in the party structure, one which will improve campaigning organisation is deemed as a 'defeat' because it came from the floor rather than the high heid yins. Leaves you wondering if the reality the SNP remains a members party where the members still have a final say, where it is still OK to have a 'divisive' debate in public, to be seen to exercise democratic principles is what really scares the UK media commentariat.

Anyone see or hear of the Tory Home Secretary being taken to bits in public over their handling of England's police forces, the mess that is their immigration policy, the failings of Border Control? Yet this happened at the SNP Conference when the Justice Minister faced a heart felt statement, at a fringe meeting, from an SNP member, about the impact of the current work over load on Scotland's Police Officers. Anyone ask Jackson Carlaw or any other 'Scotch' Tory if they are campaigning to have Police Scotland's VAT bill not just zeroed but the billions paid, over the last ten years, paid back? A simple change which would see Ruth's Tories helping reduce the current overload and financial restraints on Police Scotland, at a stroke, and demonstrate they do stand up for Scotland's best interests. Where are the minging media ijournalists pointing this out to Ruth the Mooth?

What we are actually seeing is the minging media turning on the social media beyond their or their master's control which asks all the questions they should be asking, if they were actually doing their job properly and discussing what is, rather than what they have been told to write. Looking at what the facts are actually saying rather than spinning them to say the complete opposite.

So to Nick Robinson at the BBC, Tom Harris of the Telegraph, David Torrance and the others who infest the minging media plying the Westminster Establishment line I suggest blogs such as Wings or the Canary are not the real problem, they simply highlight your failings as bought reporters, they point up how far too frequently you are the story and, worse, how you seek to distort what is actually happening to fit your master's bidding. It is not just in Scotland you have been found wanting in reporting what is actually happening but in Catalonia, Northern Ireland, Manchester in fact across Europe and the world where you peddle your falsehoods at the British Establishment's behest.

As the peadophile cover up on behalf of 'highly placed' individuals undertaken by the British Establishment, from the early 1970's rapidly begins to unravel. As the reality that Ted Heath, Cyril Smith and other's would now be facing serious charges with regard to sexual abuse of children, that Theresa May somehow 'lost' the detailed file on politicians and others involved in an international peadophile ring based at Dolphin Square (a favoured abode of the British Establishment) in London, maybe it is time for the minging media to decide just how much longer they have left, if they do not rediscover some sort of spine and integrity and start doing their real job of holding those in power to account.

I will not be holding my breath.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


The air was still, a misty rain surround the lifeless hulk of the, Manchester registered, Mayceleste. As we approached, our oars dipping uneasily in the swell, the creak of rowlocks in their seats, the dull plunk of our oars, the hard breaths of the oarsmen, the quiet voice of the coxswain  and the splash, splash, splash of the waves against the Mayceleste's hull was all there was to be heard in the deepening gloom.

"Port side oars give way and in board", called the coxswain in his muted voice as he brought us alongside the silent vessel. In the bows a seaman caught the chains and we bumped against the hull to leewards. There was no challenge from anyone aboard, only an oppressive silence, so dark, so evil, a silence foretelling doom, a silence that bares no breaking nor challenge.

We crept onto the main deck and in the dim light of our lantern saw scenes no sane man or woman should suffer. At first we believed we had stumbled on a ship of zombies but those before us were beyond any ability to act on their own volition or move without any call of authority. They appeared to be living in a world far torn from this dimension of earthly experience, signalling to each other by the waving of champagne flutes and calling gull like to one another "I'm OK, yah." It was not they did not see us but looked through us as if we were not there, as if we were some creature which had crawled from the ocean's depth.

Occasionally one would stoop to speaking in English to us but little of what they said made much sense.  Take, as an instance, one obese sandy haired individual telling us just how they had beaten the European Union at every turn and how the collapsing UK economy was good for Britain.

Another was speaking to himself, apparently unsurprised no one wanted to listened to him, declaiming into his beard how much better Britain would be if only everyone was English and voted Tory rather than being Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

We searched high and low for the captain or first mate of the Mayceleste but of them there was no sign. Some of the crew said they had already jumped overboard, others said they were hiding on the orlop deck as they feared a mutiny, a few were certain they did not exist in anything but their own imagination.

The goats in the pen below the quarter deck seemed to be bleating "SNP Baad" at anyone who came near them.

Yet as we searched we found not one who could understand just how dangerously the Mayceleste was bearing onto the rocks of ignorance, bigotry and arrogance bringing with it the ship's inevitable destruction. Nor was there any concern for any of the ordinary people their stupidity and lack of concern would drag beneath the waves to their inevitable death and destruction of their families. They would be alright with their Cayman Island tax exempt life rafts, so hard luck for the 'little people" it was their own fault the little people were poor, was it not?

We returned to our row boat and cast off, relieved to get off the tawdry and lifeless decks of the Mayceleste. We left feeling unclean, our humanity stripped from us - just a little, the stench of unearned privilege in our nostrils and the fear if we also held on such a course as the Mayceleste, we too were doomed.

Our hearts lifted only once we tucked under the stern of the Scotia and being safe home. We had tales to tell of what we had seen and heard but who would believe any of our tales of our experience aboard the Mayceleste, they were to far fetched; surely?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Corbyn .... just another English imperialist

Funny that, I mean it is just fine for the Palestinians to be free of Israeli over lordship but a disaster if it happens to be any part of the so called United Kingdom trying to exit English over lordship. This leaves any sane person wondering just what Mr Corbyn means by his undying support for self determination for the down trodden masses.

Take his speech, long on what is good for "Britain" (aka Englandshire) but empty of any understanding of what is actually going on, politically, in England's "United" fiefdoms. Corbyn is just another English nationalist busy telling the Celtic fringe of the UK he knows what is best for us. His ignorance of the true basis of the UK Parliamentary Union between Scotland and England was clear for those with the patience to listen to what he actually said. Though other commentators have listed just far off beam he is on issues pertaining to Scotland it is worth reiterating the key points of his ignorance to make clear just what he stands for as an English nationalist:
  • That Scots Law and constitutional practise is protected for "all time" by the Treaty of Union as an independent construct, where "all time" means exactly what it says on the tin
  • The SNP Government is already mitigating the impact of Tory social welfare and health policies that his party sat on their hands or actually voted for, to the tune of in excess of £100 million this year alone
  • Scotland has a separate Educational system
  • Scotland has a separate National Health system which operates very differently to England's as the SNP kicked out the insidious privatisation of NHS services started by Labour via policy and PFI and brought hospitals back under NHS Scotland control
  • The SNP has built more social housing than their Labour predecessors managed (not hard, I know)
  • The SNP has mitigated against Labour's PFI schemes and their impact on education and health funding
  • The SNP not for profit funding model has seen public projects, such as the new Forth Bridge, brought in for a fraction of the cost and time wastage of Labour's cumbersome PFI model
  • The SNP is already using its 'powers' to enable publicly owned businesses in Scotland to bid for the next Scotrail contract
  • As a socialist he should recognise the SNP are not his enemy to be 'wiped out in Scotland' but a potential ally for progressive change
  • As an internationalist he is anti-EU (apparently because it oppresses the working man and woman) and yet the EU has been key in sustaining the longest period of peace, between constituent nations, seen in Western Europe, ever, which has benefitted the working man and woman through free movement of labour across the said oppressive EU
His speech is now being spun in the UK media as 'barn storming'. I would humbly suggest it was, in reality, a speech which missed the metaphorical barn doors by miles with respect to Scotland.

I rest my case that Corbyn is just another ignorant English nationalist and imperialist. If 'Labour unity' is reflected in the self immolating wasters in Labour's "Scotch" branch then this was truly the speech of a straw man.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Big Lie

I notice that the Darien Disaster has been rearing its head as a Uninionist justification as to why Scotland can not be trusted as an independent country in charge of its own economy. The truth is Darien as a project failed but mainly because the Spanish and English Establishments of the day did not want France gaining a foothold in Central America via a Scottish colony. Powerful financial interests put the squeeze on their respective governments in England and Spain as they saw a potential attack on their hegemonies, cartels and sole trader status. In simplistic terms you could ask just what has changed in the last three hundred odd years with respect to these two nations and Scotland and, having observed the hyperbole during the 2014 referendum, the answer is that London and Madrid remain in cahoots as far as Scotland is concerned; as do their vested interests.

Darien failed but it did not reduce Scotland to a fiscal basket case as Unionist history has long claimed as justification for the Union. In the period between Darien and the Treaty of Union the core players in Scotland's economy in the period, the Burghs and nascent middle class, recovered their losses quickly. Custom and excise returns for Edinburgh and Leith indicate an economy growing at around 4%. It appears the middling Scots in the Burgh's were not feeling the pinch nor were local artisans. A study of shipbuilding at Leith over the period showed yards working at capacity for both Edinburgh and Leith Burgess and the Scottish Navy, again hardly indicative of a country in economic collapse or with its banks in serious trouble. The same was true for all the East coast Burghs.

So just who was actually in financial trouble over Darien?

Surprise, suprise it was the 'Estaite o' the Lairds'. Many, in their greed, had mortgaged their estaites to the hilt to fund the Darien Company. As the Burghs recovered from the initial financial hit they started the process of calling the mortgages in the Scottish Courts. By 1700 a number of big Scottish land owners were on the edge of bankruptcy, if their mortgages were called in, and the legal pressure to settle was growing apace as the Burgh's middle classes wanted their money back. For England this would be a double whammy as many of the said Lords were willing to support the Hanoverian succession but without their lands, fues and rents would be in no position to ensure their 'people' towed the Hanoverian line. At the same time the English Government of the day were paying out large bribes to Scotland's Jacobean lords to keep them sweet on the Hanoverian deal, at a cost of £1 million pounds sterling a year to the English Treasury in the 1700's. Daniel Defoe's role in this was to ensure the Treasury money got to the right (wrong) people.

So we have a situation where the Scottish Lords, the English Parliament would rely on to ensure the Hanoverian succession are on their uppers, while the assumed Jacobean opposition Lords were doing very well, thank you very much. A change in Government in England saw a change in approach and a Treaty of Union which had been opposed at every turn in the English Parliament up until the early 1700's suddenly became vital to English interests. The position was made clear to the the Scottish Hanoverian Laird's, deliver the Union Treaty and your debts will be paid off, the rest is history.

"Bought and sold for English gold"

Nothing much has changed since, if you want to understand the Unionist opposition - just follow the money. Money has always been far more important to Unionists than Scotland's best interests, from day one. As for Scotland's economic collapse, that happened as an outcome of the Union Treaty with France blocking Scottish merchants from the Baltic states and the Low Countries while England blocked trade from Scotland with their colonies, By the mid 1700's Scotland's main export was its people, immigration forced through by the clearing of land and grinding poverty in the Burghs. Scotland's economy has never regained the levels of growth it saw prior to the Union Treaty, not so much by default than by deliberate Westminster fiscal policy. Keeping Scotland, Wales and Ireland poor was vital to the colonial ambitions of the fundamentally English Parliament at Westminster and its financial backers, just as it will be vital to any recovery in a post Brexit UK. The poverty of 'austerity' is part and parcel of this current Brexit process along with scapegoating of those who do not have a voice or are 'foreign' (which includes all Scots who are not with the current 'North Britain' scheme) via the UK media.

If you understand the historic parrallels between what happened in the 1700's in Scotland and now. The question remains; do you want to keep playing this game with Scotland always on the hind teat or not?

Friday, 22 September 2017

Democracy not dead; just pining for the fiords

As we watch the West's increasingly fascist capitalist system defend itself in Spain, courtesy of the silence and or hand washing in the EU capitals and at Brussels on Catalunia (we can not interfere in internal matters), is there any thoughtful person left in any doubt just how sick and weak our Western system of democracy has become?

Here in the UK we have what is technically a Tory minority government, propped up on the shoogly peg of a bribed DUP, claiming powers, based on an archiac English Law Statute, designed to enable Henry the Eighth's autocratic rule to run unenpeded in England and Wales in the late 15th Century. A statute which has no standing or legitimacy in Scot's Law or constitutional practice protected for "all time" by the Treaty of Union.

Over the years I have written time and time again, in this blog, about the insidious enactment of so called "British Laws" which are in breach of the Treaty of Union, warning of the creeping Nazification of the British State and yet it appears the Scots are, like the mythical frog in the slowly heated water, going to be cooked before they realise what they have allowed to happen, courtesy of their own fear and ignorance. A point at which it is too late to make the dramatic change necessary to protect ourselves, our national interests and our successors future - independence.

We need to accept the reality appears to be we are "Scotland the sheep" and not the brave. A nation of too many, "Ach ye maybees richt, laddie, bit its 'aye been' thon wey, ye'll ne'er change aucht, Lunnon 'ill n'er let ye.", boiled frogs to a man and a woman, mushroom people who live in the dark and consume the shit fed them by the UK media without any thought there is anything better on offer. A nation who think tuppence of their own parliament in Edinburgh (as told to by said media) while having no clue as to how effective their 'pretendy parliament' and Scottish Government has been in aleviating the worst of the Tory Government austerity and hatchet jobs on the NHS and Welfare funding since 2010 amongst other good works.

We now find ourselves in the political bullshit season as the Unionist political parties have their carefully scripted, back slapping, 'are we not sooo clever' weekends. We will hear from all the usual commentators just how 'baaad' the SNP is at governing in Scotland's best interests (the increasingly isolated Gerry Hassan has already started) and how lucky we Scots are to be living in a clapped out, roofless, Unionist mushroom shed somewhere a bit north of Watford, not having to worry about being dazzled by bright lights or suffering from sun burn, so eat up this load of recycled, Unionist, media shit like good chaps and chapesses, don't worry your little mushroom heads and just keep giving us kind English Unionists all your resources and profits for free. We will get round to giving your North British mushroom shed a new roof once we have decided just what Brexit actually means; then again, maybe you North Brits should just pay for the new roof yourselves, like you did that ramshackle new bridge over the Firth of Forth that you did not really need.

This Unionist version of democracy wouldn't go 'voom' if you put ten million volts through it - pass me the Scott's fungicide spray, we are down to last ditch efforts to rid us of the mushrooms causing the democratic rot in Scotland.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Brexit; a lead Zepplin

The full expression is "Going down faster than a lead Zepplin".

First, let me deal with the pedants or as I like to call them, "Unionists".

According to current physics thinking all things fall at the same rate (v) in a vaccuum under gravity, so technically the statement is meaningless as all bodies with mass fall at the same rate. It also follows the maximum energy contained within any body equals its mass times the speed of light squared; E.

Under the basic law of momentum E is conserved; consider a collision between two objects - object 1 and object 2. For such a collision, the forces acting between the two objects are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction (Newton's third law). The relationship of momentum and the stored or kinetic energy of a body can be expressed in equation form as follows:

Image result for conservation of momentum formula

OK pedants; so far? 

So why is the kinetic energy of a body only half of its total available energy according to Einstien's formula? 

This is due to terminal velocity:

terminal velocity formula, v = the square root of ((2*m*g)/(ρ*A*C)). Plug the following values into that formula to solve for v, terminal velocity.[1]
  • m = mass of the falling object
  • g = the acceleration due to gravity. On Earth this is approximately 9.8 meters per second per second.
  • ρ = the density of the fluid the object is falling through.
  • A = the projected area of the object. This means the area of the object if you projected it onto a plane that was perpendicular to the direction the object is moving.
  • C = the drag coefficient. This number depends on the shape of the object. The more streamlined the shape, the lower the coefficient.
Now you could just blame quantum or cry "SNP baaaad", as usual, but the observable reality, on the surface of the earth, is the terminal velocity of a lead Zepplin is far faster than that of a feather - QED.

 So how does "Going down faster than a lead Zepplin" apply to Brexit you ask, apart from being quite a funny description of the current farce playing out at Westminster. Let's try applying the terminal velocity formula to current Tory Party thinking and actions to see if I am right in my contention.

Mass: is easy to define as you can observe the 'dead weight' that makes up the current UK Cabinet so we will assume the mass of the Tory Brexit negotiating body is around the same as the average neutron star on a volume basis; 1100 tonnes per nanolitre (millionth of a litre) or the equivalent of the mass of 900 great pyramids of Cheops.

Gravity: While we all observe the gravity of the situation is high, in terms of the equation it is fixed at 9.8 metres per second per second

Density: While we would agree the Tory Party is being extrememly dense with its thinking that it controls all the Brexit negotiating levers, we are actually looking at the density through which said Brexit negotiations are falling within the EU, this is clearly a very high number indeed

Area: You can hardly call the current thinking of the Tory Party "stream lined" and given the corpulence that abounds within the Tory Party we can consider this figure to be in the region of half a square kilometre

Drag: The Tory Party continue to drag their heels and alter their latest spun press release on Brexit to face the current wind of popular thinkng within their own party. Most of the rest of us see this as a drag as we are fed up being treated like little kiddies who should just do what the "nice" Tories tell us to because they know best. There is a lot of drag around Brexit.

Given all the apparent agencies acting to slow the velocity of Brexit it appears, at first glance, I am potentially wrong in my contention of Brexit "Going down faster than a lead Zepplin" but mass will out. The average human being has a volume of 95 Litres, multiply by the number of Tory Brexiteers, times 1100 tones, times ten to the power 6 and I think you will agree the mass of Brexit under the Tories means the UK will "Go down faster than a lead Zepplin", creating a political, social and economic abyss, courtesy of its kinetic energy, we will never again see daylight from, welcome back to the dark Satanic Mills, UK. You just can not ignore the maths or the physics involved (let alone quantum). 

Simply put, we Scots are going to be fucked over, big time, if we stay in this UK Union.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Final Curtain

It is 0400 on a Tuesday morning, the sun is already rising in the north east and my usual June, Falkland's induced insomnia has me bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I have had a cup of tea, talked to the dog and stroked the cat. My house is sold and in the next 28 days I will have tidied up the last threads of my divorce, moved to a new house, cut my mortgage liability in half and be ready to embark on my seventieth decade with a clean sheet, plus a whole load of baggage you inevitably drag around with you.

In the process I am cleaning out nooks and crannies, mental and physical, long left unvisited, finding stuff I had forgotten I had and other things I wish had stayed unfound. Throwing some of it away, checking other items for fitness of purpose and asking myself why I need three tents; lightweight, Everest storm proof and a three section family tent. Wondering if it is worthwhile fixing the zip or a broken pole fixing on the lightweight and re-taping the seams on the storm proof's fly sheet (no and yes). Do I really need four sleeping bags of different weights or four rucksacks?

It would appear I now have too much time on my hands to go along with my insomnia.

Over the last six years of blogging I have routinely ranted and occasionally informed, it has been fun but like all things has now run its course. When you are faced with the omnishambles that is UK politics in 2017 you have to ask yourself just what is the point?

Logical argument has failed, we are stuck with the politics of division, scapegoating and ignorance within a UK Parliamentary Union fueled by Westminster party spinners and a lack lustre national media which holds the UK citizens in contempt as it pursues its own narrow concerns. A British Establishment which has lost the plot and is in a downward spiral of self deceit and utter delusion, seeking a lost empire it can never regain and lives on, only its its own demented thinking, as it once again wheels out Liz in an attempt to paper over societal chasms so clearly exposed in the recent Grenfell Flats disaster.

The outcome of the UK Election demonstrates the utter collapse of the UK Parliamentary Union where you have the party of government negotiating with the political front of a known right wing, sectarian, terrorist organisation, in a straw clutching attempt to retain power, no matter how flimsy. As for Brexit .... just do not let me go there ... seriously; don't!

In Scotland we see the media's fawning over a bit part "Scotch" Tory leader who, yet again, came a poor second to the SNP in seats and vote share, acclaimed as the conqueror of Scotland, "those rebellious Scots to crush." Sadly there are too many on the pro-independence side of the fence apparently too ready to buy into this pish of a "great Unionist come back". It is all the SNP's fault, they cry and yet the SNP vote held up overall.

The real irony of the election is the proof positive that in Scotland the claim of "Vote Labour, get Tory." is now proven beyond reasonable doubt and the election has ended up costing the Tory Party dear as Channel 4's Kirsty Allsop put it so succinctly, "..to simply give the SNP a bloody nose in Scotland."

Over at London Labour, how long before the usual Blairite suspects will be mauling Corbyn at every chance, allowing the Tories to carry on on their destructive way by abstaining or voting with the Tories?

Labour's Blairite Scotch wing is quite open that voting Tory at every turn is the way to go. Why will there be any difference at Westminster?

All in all I have decided I have had enough blogging. Human greed, ignorance and stupidity clearly triumphs at every turn; watching fishermen and farmers in the NE of Scotland voting like turkeys for Christmas, being a case in point. I have other things to do with my decreasing energies than seeking to continue to highlight the repetitive, contrary, selfish and self limiting thinking of my fellow human beings as they wring their hands and claim they are powerless in the face of ..... their own ineffectual thinking and fear.

With my move from Larglea, The Tarff Advertiser is closing down, many thanks for reading and occasionally responding.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


What is it with unionist politicians and their supporters in the media?

Willie fronts up in a failure of a sports car.

Ruth fights a re-run of the 2014 referendum while being policy empty when it comes to Scotland.

Kez says mostly anything about Scotch Labour's "independence" in policy making, only to be slapped down by London.

Not one unionist politician can answer why their bosses in London are fixated on buying a missile system which is already out dated, the USN is shutting down any further development on Trident after 2020 and current development work will end by 2025. The USN is currently planning to have all its Trident boats decommissioned by 2050 while the first of the UK's next generation 'bomber' submarines is unlikely to commission much before 2030.  Add in the UK can not afford to fully arm its current Trident warheads and will be launching as many lumps of concrete, in retaliation, as nuclear weapons and you are left wondering, why bother in any case. The question remains will Lockheed - Martin continue to run its Trident maintenance program once the USN Trident is out of commission after 2050 and at what cost to the UK taxpayer?

UK Nuclear weapons did not deter Russia from walking into the Crimea a couple of years ago; North Korea from being, well, North Korea or any number of African genocides over the last four decades, let alone the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982 or any number of US military incursions, contrary to UK best interests.

In the meantime to afford this obscene nuclear willy waving our conventional forces, the ones we actually need to be effective in today's asymmetric warfare, as conducted by the likes of ISIS, are being cut to the bone. The UK can not meet its own home defence needs let alone its NATO commitments as another two type 23 frigates are laid up ten years earlier than planned, the British Army can only support one armoured division in the field and only for a couple of weeks at that (its NATO commitment is to provide 3 armoured divisions, an actual army) while the RAF still can not fulfil its main NATO commitment of maritime surveillance in the Iceland - Faroes gap and Norwegian Sea.

According to the unionist triumvirate we are stronger in the face of terrorism and outside aggression by staying in the UK .... aye, right enough!

Scotland has a basket case economy, reliant on oil, according to arch unionist, Andrew Neil, telling ignorant, wee Nicola off. Wait a minute Andrew, just who is actually responsible for the macro economic decision making that hamstrings Scotland's economy at every turn, that'll be UK Government policy at Westminster, politically driven by the UK Chancellor via the UK Treasury, surely, Andrew?

As this unionist election campaign in Scotland unravels by the day it seems amazing that any person who has more than a single brain cell synapse can still claim any key area of Scottish society is "safer in the UK Union" and control  "better exercised at Westminster than Holyrood" when the opposite, whether it is basic welfare provision, the NHS or State Pensions, is objectively and demonstrably true for Scotland.

When unionist politicians resort to out right lies, such as Ruth's on the SNP manifesto delay, then you have to wonder what the internal polls the unionist party's are seeing in their canvas returns are actually saying. The increasing stridency of Ruth, Willie and Kez suggests the published "UK" media polls on Scotland are pretty far off the beam when compared to actual doorstep returns.

With eight days to go the only policy it appears the unionist parties have in Scotland is "No to a second referendum" with a sub text of "Scotland: just do as yer telt by Westminster, jist like we're daenin', pal. Bein' buggert aa the time by Lunnon dandies is nae tae bad, aince ye get the hang o' it an' as long as ye hae ane o' thon muckle pots o' Union flag bedecked Vaseline haundy."

Ho-hum .... who could seriously vote for the Vaseline pot and smile?

Monday, 15 May 2017

Missing ....

There has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in my life, the private is private, need to know only but has been taking up a lot of my energy and time. Hence the sporradic blogging. Over the next couple of months all the Secret Squirrel activities should be brought to a final conclusion, a full stop and a new chapter in my already chaotic and hectic life story will open for me to engage with.

This creates opportunity but it also requires some calm reflection on where I want to commit my slowly decreasing energies to the best effect.

The most marked public emotion at present is anger and it presents in different forms from the booing of Tories on Question Time, the ranting in the media over trifles - while ignoring what really is happening by journalists and politicians who should know better, I hear it in my Tory voting friends who are starting to feel ostracised, lost, let down and increasingly isolating themselves in a Union Flag bubble of deafness to all but their long held certainties of "Great Britain".

A quick look at Facebook or Twitter and you will see the same increasingly unrestrained anger turning into divisive hatred between Scots, some who have not a clue who the others are, but they are "Yoons" or "Independies" and that it now appears is enough to threaten destruction of political or personal lives.

Yet when we look at the current leadership of the UK in Downing Street what we see is a group of people scared of losing; of losing votes in Parliament, losing seats in the June Election, losing their raison d'etre of their one sided Union with the increasing problems of a Scotland and Northern Ireland pressing to stay in the EU and the pressure for independence and reunification, respectively, increasing as a result. Their fear of losing comes across in an ever more strident and divisive political message, a message which appeals to an England which is narrow minded, bigotted, arrogant and ignorant of the destructive impact this has on their idea of a Great Britain (aka England) in the eyes of the Scots and Northern Irish. This vain glorious and non-existent Great Britain is trumpeted as being real by all the usual London based media hacks from the BBC to the Sun. Sadly it is not just May's Tories who are pushing this "British (England) is best" line, so do as you are told all you foreign Johnies, Jocks and Paddies but Corbyn's Labour is at it as well and I bet if the Libdems had a policy it would also be to suppress the Jocks and Paddies for their own good, mind, and leave the thinking to us English.

The problem with this "Westminster is best" line of thought is when you look at the England their thinking has created over the last four decades it is not a very nice place. The division between the "haves" and "have nots" is bigger than any historical period since Victorian times. England is now a country where if you want an NHS GP appointment that will take four weeks but if you have £140 the same GP will see you the same day. It is a country where the people, UK government policy has driven into poverty, are blamed for being in poverty and the increase in medical conditions which result from being in poverty is to blame for the collapse of the NHS in England. Then there is the additional line of blaming retired people for claiming their state pension as being a "burden on the state". These same people were not a burden on the State when their taxes and job losses were funding Thatcher's 'revolution' in the 1980's. Yet the opinion polls in England are selling the idea the turkeys (English voters) are going to vote for a Tory Christmas anyway.

When I look at all this objectively I am left with one thought; human beings are inherently stupid, English human beings doubly so.

This leaves me thinking on the lines of: If Scotland does not become independent after the next referendum maybe Scotland is not the country I think it is, one where, by and large, we look out for those worse off than ourselves whether through poverty, ill health, disability or age. To me, too many Scots are angry about the wrong things (see most Yoon /Independy posts) and are missing the important stuff. Why do I say this?

Because if we stay in a Tory run, England centric, UK Parliamentary Union we will all soon be paying £140 to see a GP, see increasing numbers of folk on the streets dead from hypothermia, old folk begging on the streets and increasing numbers of children being dumped as orphans because their parents will hope, that way, they will at least get three meals a day. This is the Britain the lead writers in the Telegraph and the rest of their ilk are promoting for their Tory masters. This is the Britian Corbyn's Labour is supporting by their abstentions on key welfare, disability and health issues in Westminster votes time and time again; no matter the current bluster from Labour they will return to type, just as soon as their noses are once again safe in the Westminster trough.

This is a Britain, after objective and calm reflection, I would not wish to live in. So if the majority of the Scottish Electorate wish to vote Tory and stay with the abomination that is the UK Parliamentary Union then I am free to emigrate because Scotland would cease to exist in my eyes.

I would not be going missing but the country, I thought was mine, will; and my energies and desire for equanimity for all will be better spent where they have already been effective and regarded, as in Nepal, or any other developing nation.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

The BBC - beyond Goebbels

On a recent "Have I got news for you" Ian Hyslop forensically took the BBC's fawning attitude towards the current Tory Government apart merely by reflecting the BBC's politcal coverage of Labour policies versus the identical Tory policies. He hit the BBC's biased political coverage fair and square,taking no prisoners.

It now appears at least some political commentators in Englandshire are waking up to the increasing use by the Tories of the BBC News as a method of thought control. In 1940 the BBC slipped into the same malaise of spouting only what the government wished to be heard, silencing any comment on the increasing sinkings by German U-boats of merchant shipping, hiding the sinking of the Royal Oak, the disaster in Norway and many other clear failures of the UK Government of the day. The BBC, by mid 1940, had become a laughing stock as a news service because ordinary folk in the UK knew about the disasters. Eventually the BBC found a spine and made clear their world wide reputation was being badly damaged by UK Government news management, they were becoming a laughing stock, as it appeared to many in the UK that Goebbels' Rudfunk English broadcasts were more accurate than the BBC's in terms of content. The BBC argued the people of the UK were not stupid and would stand up to the struggle better if they were told the truth good and bad. The final straw was the virtual news black out imposed after the Dieppe fiasco in 1942. Folk around Portsmouth and Southampton saw with their own eyes the difference between the assault force which had shipped out and the remnants which had returned. There was no UK Government cover up which could explain away the high numbers of casualty telegrams landing on doorsteps across the UK and in Canada.

The dissonance between what people actually knew and the UK Government line "of don't worry your little heads over it, we are in charge" combined with the reverses in North Africa in 1942 threatened Churchill's position as Prime Minister with a pending vote of no confidence being talked up at Westminster. Churchill shook things up, the imbedded BBC reporters were given much greater freedom to write their copy honestly (within the remit of war) and as a result the faith in the BBC's news reporting was largely restored. UK public morale lifted and by the end of 1942 the war had begun to shift in the Allies direction.

"The truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
This is true in a dictatorship but the opposite is true in a proper democracy.
The BBC is currently in a worse state than it was in in 1942 with large sections of its once loyal listeners disregarding it as an unbiased news source. In Scotland the figure is around 30% who still trust the BBC as a source of unbiased news; in England the figure is nearing 60%. The BBC's Reporting Scotland has become a byword for inaccurate, inane and biased reporting in Scotland, seen on a level with the Torygraph and frothing at the mouth Daily Mail. Like many of its Unionist media bed fellows it is seeing a continuing decline of audience.

"The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous."
Here, in a nutshell, we see the bind Ms May's Conservatives have got themselves into. They have generated lies so big, no matter how empty they are seen by the UK Public, they have left themselves nowhere left to go. They can not go back on lies such as the Tory leave campaign's extra £350 million for the NHS in England nor the falsehood of being "in control" of any future Brexit negotiation to ensure the "greater good" - for whom they neither know nor can say. The result is the Tory Party is looking increasingly ridiculous at every turn to the UK electorate and, worse, even its own support is starting to question the party's sanity.

"If we have power, we'll never give it up again unless we're carried out of our offices as corpses."
This is the where Tory Party now find themselves, totally wrapped up in keeping power for power's sake, hence the repeated "strong and stable" mantra we hear from them on an hourly basis. The have become "par example" the ultimate destructive version of Enoch Powell's view of Westminster's so called democracy as an elected dictatorship. The Conservatives are only interested in what is good for the party, a position they seek to sell to the UK electorate as being for our mutual benefit, via its tame media sources, when clearly the opposite case is true. Where is the benefit to the UK electorate of selling off the NHS in England in a piecemeal fashion? The only benefit is to the Tory Party and its backers. The so called welfare reforms are another case in point, what is the good of a reform which kills your own citizens and drives others into poverty?

In the next few weeks the BBC news organisation could do much to rehabilitate itself by holding this megalomaniac Tory Party to serious account, exposing the real effect and impact of current Tory policies on UK citizens. Doing what they did in 1942 and standing up to a Tory Government intent of hiding the truth from the people of the UK, holding this self interested mob of deluded individuals to account.

The BBC could, but they will not, their DG does not have the spine and their news machine is heavily leaning towards the Tory Party and bound into the English (aka British) establishment and its preservation.

Scotland may well return 59 SNP MPs this June, yet all the current posturing by the Tories and Labour still means they will concentrate on Englandshire at every other UK nation's expense, no matter the result in June. The sad truth is under the current Westminster machine is Scotland is side lined, ignored and belittled and with Corbyn's refusal to enter a progressive alliance with the SNP to keep the Tory Party out of power, it is going to stay this way.

"Now's the day, and now's the hour;
See the front o' battle lour;
See approach proud TORY power—
         Chains and slavery
In June 1314 we, the Scot's nation, rose to face a destructive, over confident and overweaning enemy in the English Establishment to defend our right to self governance. In June 2017 we are facing the same hubris in the form of the Tory Party and we can do the same, bloodlessly, via the ballot box rather than the broad sword and pike.

To paraphrase Churchill:

" 59 SNP MPs elected in June may not be the beginning of the end but will be the end of the beginning."

Friday, 21 April 2017

A Scotch Coo

So the big message from the Yoonistas to Scotchland, in June's forth coming Generial Infection is:

"We know better than you, so do as we say and stop talking about being independent because you know you are too wee, too stupid and too small and will fail without Westminster holding your hand."

So far, so normal.

Then there is the "big idea" from Labour that by voting with the Tory Party on almost everything Labour are cunningly opposing their policies unlike the nasty SNP who keep voting against Tory policies and abstained on the "let's have a general election five years early". Apparently this sort of active SNP opposition to the Tory Party is divisive and not good for Britain. Better for Labour supporters to vote for the Tories in Mundell's seat (majority 750) or Tory supporters to vote Labour in Edinburgh South to keep what's his name's nose, you know the wee Labour nyaff, in the Westminster trough. Funnily, it does not seem that either Ruth's Tories or the Dug's Labour give much of a toss about the other lone Yoonist in Shetland as, as yet, there has been no cry and hue to come to Alistair's aid, though maybe that was what Willie Rennie sitting on a lawn mower was about. Maybe Willie was channeling Ruthie's tank fixation with the usual result for the Libdems, a bit of a flop.

So as May's council elections in Scotland looms, what is the message from the Yoonistas?

It appears to be:

"We know better than you, so do as we say and stop talking about being independent because you know you are too wee, too stupid and too small and will fail without Westminster holding your hand."

 I do not know about you but I think I have heard this particular message far too many times, already.

The mystic Meg's of Ukanian motile political spherology have been breaking eggs, stirring their tea leaves, sacrificing chickens while dancing naked around a blood daubed image of Margaret Thatcher then decided that Ms May will win a landslide (except for Scotland or Northern Ireland) in Great Britian which will give her all the powers she needs to cut down the first born of the SNP and Sinn Fein, shattering the revolting Celts hopes under the heels of her kitten heeled, leopard skinned shoes.

In any other realm, other than media of the Democratic Ukanian Dictatorship (aka DUD), journalists would be quick to point out the rather large hole in this rather tenuous reading of the political runes. The problem for the UK Parliamentary Union is it can only exist as long as both the original signatories to the Treaty of Union continue to agree to share sovereignty in the UK Parliament at Westminster.

The argument of the 'constitutional experts' is basically the Scottish Parliament is not actually sovereign or that its sovereignty is constrained by the Scotland Act. Fine, that is OK if you go along with the fuges, bodges, misplaced assumptions, precedent and down right lies that are the basis for the UK Parliament's historical claim to exercise the Scottish people's sovereignty.

What if you, like Lord Cooper in his comentary on McCormack (1953), believe the issue of how and who represents the people of Scotland's sovereignty at Westminster is a loose and impermanent mix of what ever the UK Government of the day tries to get away with, as the historical series of fudges since 1707 clearly demonstrate; whether its is Grand Committees or the quasi viceroy position of the Secretary of State for Scotland of Thatcher's time. May's Tory Government has gone one stage further by removing the current dogsbody Secretary of State for Scotland from the cabinet. The sovereign people of Scotland currently have no one representing their sovereignty or considered will within the current UK Government's main decision making process.

This being the case with the elected voice of the sovereign people of Scotland actively ignored at Westminster over such key issues as Brexit, to what extent has the UK Parliament any claim on the people of Scotland's sovereignty, except to ignore it?

If the considered will of the people of Scotland is ignored routinely by Westminster, how can it claim to exercise the people of Scotland's sovereignty?

Under modern Scottish constitutional practice the "considered will" is exercised for the people via the election of MPs and MSPs on behalf of the sovereign Scottish people. While the constitutional experts claim that AXA vs the Scottish Parliament would have had a different outcome if only AXA's highly paid QC's had picked the 'right sub clause in the Scotland Act' rather than the one they chose. The bottom line remains the UK Supreme Court stated in 2010 it had no power to send back or block a legitimate bill of the Scottish Parliament which reflected the 'considered will' of the people of Scotland.

My suggestion is:

"It is time to legally test where the people of Scotland's sovereignty actually lies because clearly it is no longer exercised in accordance with the requirements of the Treaty of Union by the current UK Parliament and Government at Westminster."

The simplest way would be for a bill to be brought forward in the Scottish Parliament seeking to suspend the 1707 Act of Union (Scotland) until such time as the outcome of Brexit negotiations are known or the sovereign Scottish people decide on the 1707 Act's continuation or repeal, as the result of the outcome of a referendumon this issue. In effect this bill, if put into effect, would return full sovereignty to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for the duration of the Brexit negotiations, forcing May's Tory Party to negotiate with the Scottish Government on the key issues such as Scotland retaining its place within the EEA, as a minimum requirement, if they wanted to keep the UK Parliamentary Union intact. In effect forcing the Tory Government to act upon the "considered will" of the people of Scotland as the Treaty of Union requires them to do, as opposed to, at present, simply ignoring us.

I can see this suspension bill of the Scottish Parliament causing the current presiding officer a serious outbreak of political hives. On the one hand his Labour bosses will be pressurising him on behalf of the Yoonistas, to throw out such a bill as being outside the powers of the Scottish Parliament as it is a "constitutional issue" reserved for the UK Parliament which is sovereign. On the other hand it would raise some serious questions of the legitimacy actions taken by the UK Government regarding Scotland, within the UK Parliamentary Union, merely from the social and mainstream media comment, given 60% of Scots made their considered will known over the issue of remaining in the EU. Even if the Presiding Officer blocks such a suspension bill, the argument over who represents the considered will of the people of Scotland and thus legitimately represents the sovereign people of Scotland, is not going to go away. The lid of the Pandora's Box of 300 plus years of constitutional fudging, bodging, assuming and lying by UK Governments and Parliaments over Scotland will not be easily closed, once opened.

Importantly the "Lord Cooper argument" says the UK Parliament has no powers to renegotiate the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Union and only the sovereign parliaments of the original signatories have these powers. By ignoring the import of the people of Scotland's considered will, by abusing and misrepresenting the sovereignty of the people of Scotland, surely the UK Parliament has taken powers for itself, outside of the legitimate and legal remit set out in the Treaty of Union Article 19, thus the UK Parliament is open to legitimate legal challenge of which the suspension of the 1707 Act of Union (Scotland) is but one legitimate pathway to ensure the UK Parliament and Government takes full cognaissance of the people of Scotland's considered will on Brexit and other issues.

I am indulging in blue sky thinking but the one thing I know is there is no progress in any human field without the challenging of "expert opinion" based on the principals of logic. In the 14th Century all the experts said the world was flat. In the 18th Century no one believed there was a simple solution to the problem of longitude except by measuring the transit of Venus. In the 19th Century no one believed you could split an atom. In the 1940's British experts said electronic bombing aids would never work as the signal could not bend round the earth ... tell that to Coventry. In the early 21st Century it was proven that gastric ulceration was caused by bacteria and not by the long taught methodology.

My point is simple: Experts are only right until proven wrong; at some point all experts are proven wrong - even Einstein. The same is true for "UK Constitutional experts".

Now I just need to find a MSP to volunteer to trigger my Scotch Coo ......

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

There are fibs, lies, deceits and then there is UK Government propaganda

So what do you know .... it turns out after weeks of every media outlet pumping out just how brilliantly Ruth the Mooth was doing, how she was going to be the next first minister (in yer dreams hen), how she was Scotland's new sweet heart leading the Tory surge or should that be suck, as the Tories now have a Scottish vote share lower than the great Tory clear out of 1997. All of this hyper active grandstanding, by the usual suspects at the BBC and London media moguls, has been shown to be just so much self propagating hot air in Scotland with Ruthie now running an approval rating of -21 amongst her fellow Scots; compared to the collapsing fortunes of the evil and much reviled, international pariah Ms Sturgeon at +11.

If this was just one isolated event you could put it down to a bit of UKania hubris but a quick look at what actually happened in Syria where a Daesh chemical weapons dump, located in a civillian area, was bombed by the Syrian Air Force causing the deaths of civilians from the resulting, uncontrolled release of chlorine gas, as opposed to what we are told is happening (it is all Putin's faullt); then you have to give some serious thought to the veracity of any report eminating from London based  government and media sources.

How about how badly the Scottish economy is doing?

You still buying the problem has been caused by SNP economic incompetence rather than the direct fall out of Brexit as the UK lurches ever deeper into stagflation (prices rising faster than wages while the economy goes backwards and consumer confidence collapses).


Try the claim that the UK still punches above its weight in "world affairs", how does that stand up to scrutiny?

Well the Trump US organ grinder told Boris, the UK monkey, to get back in his cage and leave dealing with Putin to the "big boys". Boris could not scuttle back into his cage and supply of  "Del Monte" US sponsored bananas and monkey nuts quickly enough, it is believed he left a cheetah trailing in his wake. As for our UK military might, well, that has the US Pentagon laughing until their sides are aching.

How about the UK Government claim the major oil and gas find off of Cape Wrath in the Faroes Sea is worthless to a small country like Scotland but the UK Government is more than happy to hoover up the millions of pounds from Scotland's oil and gas fields to fund its own self serving needs to kindly save us worrying about it.

The prize gem must be the claims from the London based parties regarding NHS Scotland being in just as bad a state as NHS England, our GP services in Scotland are under increasing recruitment pressure because Brexit has put off EU trained doctors from coming to Scotland. Meanwhile across England GP services have actually collapsed and in the last quarter alone a further 260,000 folk in England are now without GP service provision, according to the BMA. This number has been showing an increasing trend, quarter on quarter, for nearly four years. The actual figure is heading towards over a million people who are now without GP services in England who previously had access.


You still believe that GERS is an accurate reflection of Scottish economic activity and the taxation base for an independent Scotland, you are kidding me, surely?

If this is the case, there is no hope for you and I suggest you assume the Tory 'brace' procedure and get some serious practice in kissing your arse goodbye.

Friday, 7 April 2017


On Tuesday I sat in the cafe of the Nagasaki Nuclear Bomb museum pondering what sort of person takes human ingenuity and turns it into a weapon which on initial fission and for around a micro-second afterwards, was the size of a football and yet twice as hot as the surface of the sun. Within a second the searing heat had vapourised all carbon based materials with a 500 metre radius on the ground, caused bricks and clay tiles to melt and cermacise, bottles, crokery and pans to melt or deform while even melting and blistering the soild rock on which many of the houses stood. Here and there bits and pieces of a household's possesions survived relatively unscathed, only blackened: a cracked rice bowl, half a teapot, an earthenware container, spectacles in a case, a pair of eletrician's pincers - one handle melted away the other relatively intact.

In the same layer of fused together ceramacised bric-a-braq, nearly a metre thick, there was a belt buckle and tiny white glass spheres collected in a pile which could well have been the remains of a fuse box - with bits of what looked like wire sticking out like some modern work of art. Maybe the pincers and belt buckle are all that was left of the electrician who had been fixing a fuse on the fuse box, we will never know because the only evidence of carbon based materials, whether wood or human, is a thin layer of charcol dust at the bottom of the pile.

Five seconds later the blast compression wave landed from on high and sped off on its five kilometer dash to Nagasaki Harbour at twice the speed of sound and with a destructive force of twice that of the worst Typhoon ever recorded hitting Japan, the shape of the Urikame river valley acting to contain and focus the blast. The blast wave saw steel panel railway bridges bent and ripped apart with whole panels thrown 100 metres, the metal structures of factory buildings bent as if merely a child's toy, ferro-concrete walls and buildings pounded into dust, the air was sucked out of the chests of any animal in its path which had survived the intial flash of 3000 C plus heat. Then to add insult to injury, as nature abhors a vaccuum, hundred mile an hour winds rushed in to fill in behind the blast wave causing the smouldering remains of buildings to burst into flames up to 5 kilometers away from ground zero, in its turn creating a firestorm which took over 48 hours to bring under control.

These are the bare facts, before even attempting to get your head around the physical and emotional suffering which the people of the Urikame valley, who survived, sustained on that day and for decades after.

I am not going to argue the rights and wrongs of President Truman's decision, there is only what happened. Whether the two bombs saved many millions more Japanese and Allied people than the casualties at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is just conjecture based on the casualty rates of the millitary (on both sides) and civilians during the battles for Okinawa and Iwo Jima. There is only what actually happened.

I mention this on a day where the dirty game being played by Russia and the USA, of war by proxy in Syria, came ever closer to an actual confrontation between the two. A confrontation an unwilling Europe would be potentially sucked into by default as NATO's "An attack against one member, is an attack against all" came into effect and the USA looked to call in its chips.

This is the dangerous game Trump is now playing after last night's attack on a Syrian Air Base by US Cruise missiles. Whether or not Assad's military used chemical weapons and crossed the USA's line in the sand is neither here nor there when you have a US President whose grasp on reality appears extremely shaky at best, whose popularity ratings are plunging faster than Brexit Sterling is devaluing or the UK economy is collapsing and is increasingly looking as if he will face impeachment on a number of serious tax avoidance and other issues.

I have been on active service, I have seen at first hand and what normal, fun loving men with kids, a wife or a partner at home can do to each other when Governments decide to escalate a conflict. At what point in any future conflict does one side or the other decide that maybe a Hiroshima or Nagasaki needs to happen again, to 'save lives'?

Once, I would have had confidence that mutual assured destruction would keep heads 'clear' but with the likes of "willy waving leaders" like Putin and Trump, I do not have this confidence anymore. I fear Israel will trigger a nuclear war in the MIddle East, as another member of the "willy waver" club, Netanyahu, would want to show both Putin and Trump just how tough he is in defence of Israel.

Remember Netanyahu is yet another right wing Head of State, who is under investigation for illegal financial activities which have the potential to destroy his political career and land him in jail. Another right wing Head of State in ever increasing trouble, Ms May of the UK Brexit Empire 2.0, may also see benefit in an escalating Syrian conflict as the Tory general election financial misuse heads for the English courts with the potential to bring down the current UK Government and force a new general election. Though what use the UK's "severely degraded conventional military capability" (according to current Pentagon analysis) would be to the USA, is a moot point.

So while we consider whether Scotland should remain as a region of Englandshire or breathe the air of independence as a nation once more, we need to keep a careful eye on just where Trump and Putin's proxy war in Syria might take us in the future and trust the majority of EU nation states, via NATO, have the courage to tell Trump he is on his own in this "manno a manno" Middle East battle with Putin. NATO pact or no NATO pact, this is not Europe's fight, no matter how hard the UK Establishment media will continue to try and tell us otherwise.

Syria must not be allowed to become the "poor, little" Serbia of the 21st Century.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am sitting in Edinburgh Airport waiting for my flight to Amsterdam and onwards to Japan.

Behind me Sky News are still trying to sell the idea the Nicola Sturgeon has no mandate to call a second referendum on independence. Speaker after speaker has whined on about how divisive the SNP are being but not one has attempted to address the elephant in the room, "Just why is the UK Parliamentary Union unravelling?"

It appears the London chateratty are completely sold on the architype of the the Scot having chips on both shoulders, a nation which always has a grievance. Thus it is safe to ignore Scotland as, apparently, once we have had our whine and a good whinge we will see sense and do what that nice, kindly Ms May tells us to do as we are so dependent on English generosity to survive.

The problem with this argument is stark. The 2015-16 HMRC gross figures show Scotland only got back 54% of the total tax take credited to Scotland. The problem with this figure is it does not include all the VAT and corporation tax raised in Scotland but paid into HM Treasury from English based HQ's by the likes of ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons to name but a few companies which have high turnover in Scotland. The reality is Scotland is contributing far more to the UK pot than the current figures indicate. The idea that England subsidises Scotland has no basis in reality but as long as Westminster cooks the books we will not find out the true level of Scottish tax income until we are independent but be assured it is a lot higher than the HMRC figures suggest and in real terms Scotland sees only 40% of its actual tax take returned by the avaricous H M Treasury and at that I am most likely being on the generous side.

The real question these talking heads should be being considering is just why is Scotland on the verge of ending the UK Parliamentary Union, what has gone wrong in the Westminster Parliament which leaves an increasing number of the Scottish electorate disillusioned, disenfranchised and seeking independence?

Maybe it is listening to David Davis trying to justify the lack of Brexit planning to a Parliamentary committee by saying the Tories have a plan but it is not detailed enough, yet, to present to MPs or the UK electorate but maybe in a year or so but, honest it is one hell of a plan. This is akin to Eisenhower and Montgomery landing on the Normandy beaches in June 1944 in the hopes the Germans will co-operate and just simply bugger off of their own accord. "Not to worry", Eisenhower is quoted as saying on the eve of D-Day,  "We will have a detailed battle plan by mid to late 1945, in the meantime Monty and me are just going to busk it, it will work out OK, you'll see."

Then there are the claims of "Betrayal", "Traitor" and "Could do with her head chopped off" coming from the usual culprits on the more lunatic fringes of the right wing media in London. Frothing at the mouth hubris from folk who claim their extreme and divisive version of British Nationalism is actually a cuddly wee bunny, if you get to know it. How does calling the First Minister of Scotland, elected by the majority of the SNP membership, supported by 46% of the active Scottish electorate and currently way ahead of any UK leader in terms popularity on these terms help persuade Scotland England is listening to our real concerns, our needs or expectations?

It is not only us chippy Jocks who are getting the hump with Westminster, across in Northern Ireland the idea of a unified Ireland, on Brexit, is looking more and more possible as the impact of Northern Ireland's loss of EU funding becomes ever clearer. You know this is true when Dublin's main parties have started talking about planning for Northern Ireland's integration while Seinn Fein and the rest bicker about which party will be best placed to facilitate re-unification. The weekend saw the long dormant Welsh Dragon have a wee flex of its fire ducts on the issue of ending the Principality's ties to the English Crown and Parliament.

Ms May is increasingly Westminster's Ollie to Brexit's Stan and it can not be too long before she utters the imortal words to Davis, Hammond, Gove and the rest - "This is another fine mess you've gotten me into!"

The military norm is you try not to fight on two fronts at once, May is facing fighting on three simultaneously with a possible fourth as the English electorate take to the streets over the destruction of NHS England or the imposition of fracking.

We live in interesting times.

Friday, 3 March 2017

More Mayhem? Not Really.

I will be honest with you, I did not listen to Ms May's speech for the benefit of the British Establishment media today from a two thirds empty SECC in Glasgow, masquerading as a Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party conference.

I did see the polar opposite responses to May's speech on social media. On the Yoon side ranging from "she has put the SNP in its proper place" to the increasingly crude "Sturgeon is flattened" (it was an 'f' word, maybe not flattened) while the Yes side varied from "May has cut her own throat" to variants of "May is flattened" (see "Sturgeon is flattened"). So toys have been thrown out the pram on both sides, hyperbole hyperventillated, angst aired, hatred hooted and any other similar alliterations you feel like making up for yourselves.

The reality is nothing has changed much, no matter what the media say. May has simply peddled the same core points which leaves her sounding shrill, panicked by simply saying what she has been saying for weeks; Scotland does not count and should just do what it is told to do by London. Scotland can not have different view from England because it threatens "Great Britain and the great British exit" along with all the capital gains to be accrued by Tory backers as a result of the economic fall out from Brexit.

Ms Sturgeon has made clear, again, if the UK Government is not willing to seek a solution which allows Scotland to stay in the EU, as part of its Brexit negotiations, then she will activate the Scottish Government's manifesto promise to hold a referendum so the sovereign people of Scotland can decide whether Scotland stays in the UK Parliamentary Union or in the EU, as it is increasingly clear Scotland can only remain in one or the other.

Outside of the media 'yah-boo arena' in both mainstream and social versions, nothing has changed. Neither side of this constitutional argument has struck a telling blow, no matter the fluff and flounce you will read and hear this weekend, all that is happened is the lines in the sand have been even more definitively marked.

What is surprising is the biggest guns on the UK side are firing the same anti-SNP munitions as they did in 2014 and yet the camapign is no where near starting. It is a bit like a military commander in a defensive position firing all his weapons at an attacker who is unlikely to make any attack for weeks, simply to demonstrate he is serious, while giving away all his major dispositions. It makes no real sense and suggests the UK Union's defence is already fairly thread bare if their biggest weapon is to claim the Yes side are 'racists'. A line which has been trotted out a number of times this week to ever increasing disbelief, even within elements of the British Establishment media, and ever increasing derision across Scotland.

On Thursday Ms Sturgeon came close to losing it with Scotland's political answer to Cinderella's Ugly Sisters (pc, feminist hair triggers; remember in the original fairy story the sisters are decribed as 'ugly' for their moral rather than physical demeanour) with her "Buy one, get one free" jibe as the gruesome twosome spun either the "How Now Brown Vow" re run or "The SNP has no mandate for an independence referendum" load of old rubbish.

While the main contestants circle each other in the pre-fight breifing, growling and threatening the worst, nothing can or will happen until Ms May gives notice to the EU, firing the Article 50 gun. Until then we are stuck in a period of phoney war, unsettling because we are certain this political war will go hot by the end of March 2017, unless Ms May blinks and steps back from the brink, an outcome for which you will get very long odds at the "Bookies".

So let us stay calm, not get exercised about what Ms May did or did not say today and leave the Yoons to carry on panicking and hollering, in the process wearing both themselves and their supporters down. All before the UK Government have to start fighting with both the EU and the Yes movement in Scotland simultaneously.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dougie; Patriot of Britain

As this week stumbles along the surreal world of Labour in Scotland continues to astound and amaze those looking in from the outside.

The Sadiq Khan speech backfires massively, yet erstwhile Labour 'big hitters' in Scotland seek to defend his, SNP are racists speech. Dougie "Patriot of Britian" Alexander is now at it with his view that it is nationalistsic (aka racist) to support an independent Scotland but patriotic to defend the United Kingdom. He states nationalism is about hatred then goes on to pour his bile and hatred on the SNP and Scottish independence supporters in general, with out any thought to the dichotomy his own actions create.

We see what the patriots supporting Brexit are doing, trying to paint anyone who disagrees with them with the same brush, the same failings of seeking exclusion, imperial glory, white supremacy and the rest which the current UK Government policies are actually pursuing on a daily basis. Dougie Alexander and his ilk are past parody they are what they are, narrow bigotted, self seeking, small minded wee men and women who have had their Scottish scone torn from their grasp. Labour in Scotland's core problem remains they can not fathom why they are being left behind or why they can no longer simply weigh their votes in Scotland or even in 'working class' England anymore.

Labour UK's answer appears to be to keep doing the same thing, following the same policies which has brought them to the verge of collapse as a political party. The PLP can point fingers at the shadow cabinet for all they are worth for the recent loss in Cumbria but are in uproar when an outsider to their gang points out Labour in Cumbria had taken its electorate for granted for too long, put little effort in between elections and paid the price of their complacency.

In Scotland even Labour diehards are finding it difficult to fathom where their party is being lead, some trot out thier outdated 'socialism' mantra of it will be OK once the 'workers' take control and mutter about  the need for solidarity with a UK wide 'working class' brother and sisterhood which only exists, to any extent, in their own, fevered imaginations. The problem for Labour's socialist cadre is the likes of Dougie 'Patriot of Britian' Alexander and the Labour PLP will never allow that to happen. There are too many nice consultancies and other back pocket earners at stake for Danny and his pals to allow mere 'workers' to have any say on actual Labour Party Policy.

One of Labour's  future 'young guns' returned depressed and disheartened from Perth, pointing out Scottish Labour was only interested in Westminster and this was reflected in the platform speeches. The message to conference was, "Scotland does not matter to Scottish Labour", a damning indictment from one of their own.

The world financial markets are already setting their stall out for sterling on the increasing likelihood of Scottish independence and it is not looking that good. Reuters and Bloomberg are both advising readers that sterling is going to be in the doldrums for sometime, ever more susceptable to stagflation (low economic growth combined with rapidly rising prices), a trend which is now being reflected amongst consumers across the UK as rising inflation begins to bite and impulse consumer spending slows.

UK Government departments have been told to reduce spending by 6% by the UK Treasury, in the next fiscal year, an announcement sneaked out under the furore about a Lords Brexit revolt which never happened or was likely to happen.

The poor, the sick, the vulnerable, disabled and the old are all to pay for Dougie; Patriot of Britain's world which he seeks to ulogise. EU immigrants are to be discarded like so much chaff and random expulsions of 'illegal immigrants' are to be the norm in the British 'patriotism' Dougie Alexander seeks to protect and promote. Somehow, this is a better world than an independent Scotland could ever hope to aspire to with its narrow 'nationalism'.

I think the man is terminally confused, as is the 'Britain' he claims as his own, yet maybe he has just banged his head against one political brick wall too many or is still reeling from having his political hegemony torn from under his feet by a wee lassie from Paisley who has shown more political gumption in the time she has been at Westminster than he did in his whole career.

Dougie; Patriot of Britian, you can stuff your bitter, narrow anger where the sun does not shine with your false premise of a resurgent Brexit Empire, you are not so much a 'patriot' in Scotland more a 'toom tabard'.